The spirit and culture of the Texan people have been well-reflected in their many eclectic shops present all around the state. Find your unique self in the market of Texas, and take home a souvenir that will remind you of the rich heritage of the region.

Every region has a specialty of its own. Let us have a look at some of the popular ones:

  • Houston – home to more than a dozen shopping districts in its vicinity, the retail stores in Houston offer some amazing deals on everything from a classic souvenir to a high-end designer dress. For those looking for something extra, the Retropolis on 19th street offers some high-end merchandise at resale prices.
  • Dallas – for room decors and unique jewelry with a Texan touch, head over to an antique shop in Dallas and be amazed by the cowboy hats and leather handbags in the shop. Bargain at a thrift shop and take home some of the most unique Texan artifacts for that vintage touch to your room.
  • Austin – another place to find handicrafts and jewelry for women, Austin has been featured several times on Women’s magazine issues for its diverse and unique collection of feminine objects. And when you are tired from lifting all your heavy bags, sip a cup of the locally grown coffee and make a donation to those in need in the process.
  • San Antonio – shop for some historic relics and handicrafts in what is known as the largest Mexican market outside of Mexico. Search for handmade Talavera pottery and exotic curios in the flea markets spread outside and around the historic city.

Texas will have something unique for every kind of shopper here. From a 150-year-old flea market to a spring fair shopping experience, Texas definitely brings something unique for all kinds of shoppers visiting the state.