Texas is a state so big, you will have to live here to explore it completely; a place so diverse you might be appalled by the cultural shift from the northern to the southern part of the state.

Let us look at the various regions you can explore in Texas:

  • Panhandle Plains – the scenic art town of Texas, these plains offer something along every route that you visit. Eat a classic Texan Meal at Big Texan or visit the historic Wichita Falls Railroad Museum to spend your day perfectly.
  • Prairies and Lakes – having the perfect balance of city life and bountiful nature, this region is home to some of the major Texan cities such as Dallas. The best part about this region? It’s the variety of delicacies that you can enjoy while traveling around at exhilarating speeds.
  • Piney Woods – the city of Tyler, also known as The Rose Capital of America, is a region full of natural wonders and home to exotic species of flora and fauna. Head to the eastern part of Texas to explore the untamed national parks and lush green forests of the region. The fertile soil and the variable climate also make it one of the finest places for a wine brewery.
  • Gulf Coast – the coastal region of the state, the Gulf Coast offers what every beach enthusiast looks for in their vacation. Explore more than 600 miles of the coastal region and enjoy some memorable seaside adventures in your stay. And after a good tan, head back to the inland city to explore the exotic culture present in the region.
  • Hill Country – for those looking for some quiet time in nature, the rolling hills of Texas offer a serene time in the mountains with your loved one. After that, explore some of the well-hidden swimming holes in the region to melt that stress right off your mind.
  • South Texas Plains – home to the prehistoric sites in San Antonio and Laredo, the southern part of the state is a must-visit for anyone intrigued by the Texan history. Experience the rich history of the South Texan plains while awing at the magnificent architecture and scenic nature in the region.
  • Big Bend – explore the scenic mountains and valleys in this region using a vehicle of your choice. With wide sweeping landscapes that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, the Big Bend brings something for every adventure lover in the region.