2013 PACE: 17 Years of Texas Chapter Excellence


Enthusiastic members of the Texas Chapter APWA were on hand to be acknowledged as members of an APWA PACE Chapter. The designation was presented during the national APWA Congress Award Reception held August 27, 2013 in Chicago.


The PACE, or President’s Award for Chapter Excellence, recognizes APWA chapters for contributions made to positively impact their membership, profession, and community. Chapters are evaluated on one year of Chapter activity in the areas of: Membership recruitment and retention, Service to Chapter Members, Advancement of Public Works and sustainability, and Service to the Community. In application submission, Chapters also perform self-evaluation using APWA Best Chapter practices.


The Texas Chapter was recognized for the 17th year as a PACE Chapter of APWA.

Achieving 16 Years of Chapter Excellence!


2011 Texas Chapter APWA President Ronnie Bates, with representatives of the Texas Chapter membership, stepped front and center to claim the coveted 16th PACE Award for the Texas Chapter at the 2012 Congress in Anaheim.

The Presidential Award for Chapter Excellence recognizes APWA Chapters for contributions made to positively impact the Chapter membership, profession and community.  During the 2011 calendar year, the Texas Chapter made significant strides in the areas of education and training for field personnel, increased the impact of the Emergency Management section, and moved forward by bringing the use of technology to the Chapter.


Qualifying Chapters are evaluated in four areas: 1) Membership 2) Service to Chapter Members 3) Advancement of Public Works and 4) Service to the Community. In addition to meeting the criteria established in the four areas, the Chapter must nominate at least one individual for the Top Ten Public Works Leader of the Year and nominate at least one individual/group/project for any three other national APWA Awards.


The PACE designation reflects thousands of volunteer hours and the dedicated leadership of President Bates and his 2011 Board of Directors. Congratulations to the Texas Chapter!



2011 PACE: 15 Years of Texas Chapter Excellence

Submitted by Susan Causey,

Texas Chapter Administrator



National APWA established the PACE—Presidential Award for Chapter Excellence—to recognize chapters for contributions made to positively impact their membership, profession, and community. Chapters are judged on membership, service to chapter members, advancement of public works, and service to the community. To be eligible, chapters with more than 500 members must also nominate at least one individual to the Top Ten Public Works Leader of the Year and nominate at least one individual/group for any 3 other National APWA Awards.

The Texas Chapter has applied—and received the PACE—for 15 years. The Texas PACE application is a hefty document reflecting the yearly accomplishments of the Chapter and all seven branches. Congratulations! to the Texas Chapter and all branches for this 15th acknowledgement of excellence.


2009 Texas Chapter APWA Award Winners

Submitted by Awards Co-Chairs, Katherine Mears and Linda Huff

Chapter Administrator, Susan Causey

The winners of the 2009 Texas Public Works Association awards exemplify the outstanding leadership in our organization and the amazing projects that our members are designing and constructing

The Drahn Jones Award for Excellence in Education recognizes outstanding and meritorious achievement of individuals assisting in the areas of continuing and graduate professional education for public works professionals.

Steve Voiles is the Program Administrator for the City of Waco, and he has been a member of TPWA since 1998. Through his years of efforts, the professional development seminars of the Central Texas Branch have experienced great success. His personal involvement has assured enhanced participation, and the selfless dedication he displays contributes to the success of any current program chair. As a Past President of the Branch, he knows the importance of each educational opportunity and takes personal pride in the continued success of the Chapter. The recipient of the 2009 Drahn Jones Award for Excellence in Education is Steve Voiles.


The Richard Ridings Community Involvement Award recognizes public works professionals who are also leaders in their community.  The award also encourages public works professionals employed by governmental agencies to become active leaders in their community. It also promotes public trust in public employees through recognition of outstanding community leadership.

Ms. Naomi Hines from the City of Houston exemplifies these qualities. Her countless hours of volunteering and participation in numerous organizations demonstrate her commitment to her community. In addition to her work with the Southeast Branch of TPWA and the Chapter, some of her volunteer efforts include the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, the Mayor’s Office Houston Homebuilders, the American Society for Certified Public Administrators, State Delegate and Voter Registration Drives, and the University of Houston Downtown President’s Alumni Society, just to name a few. TPWA congratulates Naomi Hines on receiving the Richard Ridings Community Involvement Award.

The purpose of the Professional Managers of the Year Award is to inspire excellence and dedication in the private and public sectors by recognizing the outstanding career service achievements of public works professionals. Each of these winners does exactly that.

The winner of the Professional Manager of the Year - Emergency Management has worked at the City of Missouri City of 15 years, and her current position is Assistant Director of Public Works. As part of her responsibilities, Sharon Valiante serves as the Section Chief for Operations at the Emergency Operations Center for the City of Missouri City.  She is one of the first responders in an emergency situation, and during and after Hurricane Ike in September of 2008, Sharon worked tirelessly to oversee the debris management. Because of the damage from the storm, this effort continued for two months after the hurricane had passed. Her efforts and leadership during the hurricane served as an example for other first responders and were invaluable to the residents of Missouri City. The recipient of the Professional Manager of the Year - Emergency Management is Sharon Valiante.


Trent Epperson was selected for the Professional Manager of the Year - Engineering and Technology. He is the Director of the City of Pearland’s Projects Department, executing the City’s $300 Million CIP Program. A significant innovation in the advancement of engineering and technology management has been Trent’s creation and implementation of the City of Pearland’s Project Delivery Model (PDM) – an evolving document of best management practices, strategies, policies, and procedures for improving project delivery. This model has saved the City time and money by eliminating duplicate efforts, by maintaining a more consistent documentation of project activities, and by providing full coordination among project participants. It allows the City to meet its Mission and Goals by applying common project management practices to all projects in the CIP. Trent’s vision in creating the framework and his ability to bring his team together collaboratively on execution have been the key components that have made this a successful venture. TPWA recognizes Trent Epperson as the Professional Manager of the Year - Engineering and Technology.




The Professional Manager of the Year – Transportation winner has been a major contributor to the transportation needs for the City of Carrollton. He has a sterling reputation for his visionary leadership, strong technological expertise, and overall commitment to his profession. Danny Stevens has been a dedicated employee of the City for over 29 years and has progressed through numerous supervisory positions to his current role as Transportation Division Manager.  Overall, he leads 57 personnel and manages a comprehensive infrastructure program with City Staff as well as contractual services. TPWA recognizes Danny Stevens as the 2009 Professional Manager of the Year – Transportation.


The award for Texas Chapter – Top Public Works Leaders of the Year inspires excellence and dedication in public service by recognizing the outstanding career service achievements of individual public works professionals and officials, from both the public and private sectors. The primary focus of the award is career service to the public works profession rather than any one single event or project. There are two award winners in this category for 2009:


For more than 27 years, Beth Wimpy has demonstrated exemplary leadership as she has progressed through the ranks of the Public Works Department for the City of Arlington.  Throughout her career, she has exemplified the highest standards of character, integrity, commitment and leadership. Beth currently serves as the Administrative Manager for the Department of Public Works and Transportation at the City of Arlington, and she is one of the City’s most respected employees. Her selfless and persistent service to the Department has been beyond exceptional and has inspired many others to attempt to reach higher levels of greatness. For these reasons, TPWA has selected Beth Wimpy for the Texas Chapter – Top Public Works Leaders of the Year.

Our second recipient is Greg Wine. Greg’s 13-year career in the army, over 1,000 hours of distance learning training, and 15 years in the private sector has exposed him to public works projects and professionals for over 20 years. He has served every officer position in the Southeast Branch, has chaired numerous committees, and presented at TPWA events tirelessly throughout his membership over the past 6 years. His focus on providing support to public works professionals through the organization makes Greg Wine a great recipient for the Texas Chapter – Top Public Works Leaders of the Year.


The Bill Hogge Award for Outstanding Chapter Achievement and Excellence in Chapter Service recognizes outstanding individual achievement through Chapter activity in support of the Chapter’s strategic plan, goals, and objectives, as well as outstanding service to TPWA as a public or private sector member at the Chapter level. We have two recipients of this award:

Tim Tumulty currently serves as the Treasurer of TPWA.  He has stepped up to meet the increasing requirements of Treasurer as required by National APWA. In addition, he chaired the Chapter Committee that wrote the 2009 Short Course and 2009 Annual Conference Standard Operating Procedures. While serving as President of the North Central Branch, Tim chaired the 2006 TPWA Annual Conference in Mesquite. As the Director of Public Works for the City of Mesquite, he truly understands the need for TPWA. Time and time again, Mr. Tumulty goes the extra mile in every effort related to TPWA. TPWA congratulates Tim Tumulty on winning the Bill Hogge Award for Outstanding Chapter Achievement and Excellence in Chapter Service.

Jim Amick was nominated for the Bill Hogge Award for Outstanding Chapter Achievement and Excellence in Chapter Service based on his service and dedication to the Texas Chapter and the North Central Texas Branch of APWA. Jim has been an active member of APWA since 1995 and has been representing the membership by serving in leadership roles continuously since 2003. He has worked in the public works field for over 20 years, specializing in municipal engineering design and studies.  In 2003, he received the “Member of the Year” award from the North Central Branch, and he is currently service on the Education Committee for the North Central Branch. We congratulate Jim Amick for receiving the Bill Hogge Award for Outstanding

Now, the awards for projects . . . Each of these are considered the “Public Works Project of the Year.” There are different categories and each category is divided into size determined by construction costs. These projects were evaluated based on construction schedule, safety performance, environmental considerations, community relations, innovations in technology, and unusual accomplishments under adverse conditions. Each of these outstanding projects demonstrates the capabilities and creativity of our members! For each of these projects, TPWA recognizes the public agency, the contractor, and the consultant.


Public Agency:

City of El Paso



Huitt-Zollars, Inc.

The winner of the Public Works Project of the Year - Transportation Less than $2 M is the Elementary Schools Engineering Assessment for Safe Routes to School Program. The Cities of El Paso, Socorro, and Horizon City and the Socorro ISD took a proactive approach when they decided to apply for multiple grants from TxDOT to implement a Safe Routes to School program in the area. Of approximately 200 grants awarded by the State for fiscal year 2008, more than 100 grants were given to these 4 entities within El Paso County. These grants were applied to 69 separate schools covering 3 school districts and 3 cities. A comprehensive study was prepared that will help thousands of children in the El Paso area benefit from a safer route to school.


Public Agency:

City of Bryan



Kingsley Constructors, LLC



Goodwin-Lasiter, Inc.


The winner of the Public Works Project of the Year - Transportation $2-$10 M is the Phase II Downtown Renovation completed in March 2008. The complete renovation of Bryan Avenue was Phase II of the City’s continuing efforts to revitalize its downtown area as part of a Master Plan. The project included new pavement, medians, water and sanitary, and drainage systems. The streetscape features improved the aesthetics, lighting, provisions for decorating, and accessibility. Extensive coordination with the business owners was conducted through the construction to allow customer access. The project was completely shut down from the week after Thanksgiving to the first week of the New Year to allow this sensitive retail area full access for customers during the busiest and most profitable time of the year.


Public Agency:

City of Mesquite



Rebcon, Inc.



Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.

The winner of the Public Works Project of the Year - Transportation $10-$100 M is the Tripp Road Paving, Drainage, Water, Sanitary Sewer and Aesthetic Project completed in December 2008. This highly visible project consisted of widening an existing 2-lane open ditch roadway to a 4-lane undivided concrete curb and gutter roadway. The complex project included widening a bridge within the alignment, relocating public and private utilities within a tight right-of-way, and creating uniquely designed themed streetscape features that now make Tripp Road the gateway into the City of Mesquite.


Public Agency:

TxDOT – Houston District



Williams Brothers



Parsons Brinckerhoff Americas, Inc.

The winner of the Public Works Project of the Year - Transportation Greater than $100 M is the Katy Freeway Reconstruction Program. The $2.8 billion project was the largest undertaking in TxDOT history and included the reconstruction of 23 miles of interstate roadway within the City of Houston. The Program was complete ahead of the project schedule, came in under budget despite severe fiscal problems in its early stages, and has provided remarkable transportation improvements designed to keep up with the exploding population growth in the area. Construction began in 2003 resulting in 9 separate construction contracts, one of which was the largest single contract ever awarded in the State at $263 million. Despite a significant cash flow problem during the second year of the Program which resulted in a work slow-down of 50%, as well as two hurricane evacuations which completely halted all construction activities, TxDOT celebrated substantial completion of the Program in October 2008, two months ahead of the already ambitious schedule.


Public Agency:

City of Fort Worth



City of Fort Worth



City of Fort Worth

The winner of the Public Works Project of the Year - Environment Less than $2 M is the Sycamore Creek Restoration project. Sycamore Creek is a scenic natural waterway that is a significant part of the storm water conveyance system for the City of Fort Worth. Storm water management crews spent nearly 13,000 work hours repairing previous bank improvements and placing additional bank protection materials where none had previously existed over a 500 foot long section of the creek located immediately below a low water crossing. Gabion baskets and recycled concrete pavement slabs were placed along unprotected creek banks after selective removal of vegetation and excess earthen material. The improved section is in an historic inner City park near southeast Fort Worth.



Public Agency:

City of Colleyville



Archer Western


The winner of the Public Works Project of the Year - Environment $2-$10 M is the LD Lockett Pump Station and Ground Storage Tank project. The City of Colleyville is a quiet bedroom community located in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, and the City purchases its drinking water from the Trinity River Authority but is responsible for storage and distribution within its own system. In order to satisfy future water demands, Colleyville’s water system was improved with the addition of a new 5 million gallon ground storage tank, a 4,200 square foot pump station, rechlorination facilities, and dechlorination facilities. All of this was placed on a 1.5 acre site with enhanced architectural treatment and landscaping.



Public Agency:

City of El Paso



Johnson Controls, Inc.


The winner of the Public Works Project of the Year - Environment $10-$100 M is the City Wide Energy Operational Savings Program. The City of El Paso needed to address escalating utility costs and aging infrastructure, and the City was faced with a State mandate to improve air quality by lowering electricity usage. The City partnered with Johnson Controls to revitalize the infrastructure in 53 City facilities and 6,600 traffic signals while lowering energy consumption. The entire $14.7 million project is paid through guaranteed energy savings. Improvements implemented at facilities throughout the City included lighting improvements, mechanical improvements, HVAC control system upgrades, indoor pool solar heating, and traffic signal upgrades. The projections for this work show a $20 million reduction in operating costs over the next 10 years.







Public Agency:

City of San Antonio



City of San Antonio

Public Works Construction Crews



Claunch & Miller, Inc.


The winner of the Public Works Project of the Year – Disaster or Emergency Construction/Repair Less than $2 M is

the Dudley Pedestrian Bridge Replacement. The original Dudley Pedestrian Bridge was constructed from treated wooden timbers and was the primary path for hundreds of school children who must travel across Rock Creek to attend a local elementary school. The bridge was closed due to damage caused by vandalism which rendered the bridge unsafe. The Public Works Department constructed a complete concrete span bridge 180 feet across Rock Creek. An aggressive timeline was required because of safety concerns related to the children having to cross the creek without a bridge. The Public Works Department prioritized this project and expedited construction by doing it themselves.



Public Agency:

City of Arlington



AUI Contractors



Gideon Toal Architects


The winner of the Public Works Project of the Year - Structures $2-$10 M is the Founders’ Plaza and Levitt Pavilion project. This project was a public/private partnership between the City of Arlington and the Mortimer Levitt Foundation. It consists of a state-of-the-art outdoor performance stage set in the southeast corner of a two-acre public park in downtown Arlington. A minimum of 50 free concerts will be performed at this facility each year. This was the first project the City of Arlington built using the Construction Manager at Risk delivery method. What should have taken 9-12 months to complete was accomplished in less than six months. 50% of the existing building was sent to recycling yards and diverted away from landfills. This beautiful new facility is a world class outdoor entertainment facility that has already attracted tens of thousands of people to a variety of outstanding free concerts.



Thank you,

Steve Gillett!


The Texas Chapter APWA membership commemorated the Presidency of Steven Gillett at the Annual Conference Awards Banquet. Current TPWA President J. C. Wood presented Steve Gillett with the coveted Past President’s plaque and pin.


Steve Gillett, Public Works Director for the City of La Porte served as TPWA President in 2008. His term as President came after serving on the TPWA Board of Directors for six years. And his Presidency came as he was gearing up for a year as President-Elect. Jason Cosby was slated to be President of TPWA in 2008, but Jason’s career move to Virginia Beach created a call to service of which Steve Gillett answered promptly and stepped up to handle effectively.


During his Board service, Steve coordinated and hosted the impressive Texas-sized Chapter Dinner held during the 2007 San Antonio Congress; he oversaw the contribution of a $27,000 sponsorship of the New Orleans Congress, and he created a Board/Committee application process which will aid in bringing more nominations to the TPWA election process for years to come. And, Steve’s Board service will be punctuated by his service as the Site-Selection Committee Chair that determined that the 2009 Annual Conference would be held in El Paso.


The Texas Chapter appreciates the years of service of Mr. Gillett and looks forward to many more contributions in the future. Thank you, Steve!



Public Works Praised by Governor Perry:


In January of this year, a group of 30+ Texas Public Works Association (TPWA) leaders held a workday at the State Capitol in Austin and met with Governor Perry for a group photo and to discuss concerns/challenges/projects facing the Public Works industry.  The Governor emphasized the valuable role that public works infrastructure plays in keeping the citizens safe, healthy and happy and the essential part that public works projects play in keeping the State strong and competitive.  The Governor requested that the TPWA group assist him by preparing and presenting him a prioritized list of public works projects/concerns/challenges that can be utilized by the Governor and his staff to evaluate programs that will come before him during the 2009 Legislative session.


The TPWA board moved forward and formed a statewide Governor’s Task Force and is gathering information and input from Public agencies statewide to present a report to the Governor well before the 2009 Legislative session.


Among the TPWA leaders that had the opportunity to meet with the Governor in Austin included Missouri City’s Asst. Director of Public Works, Ms. Sharon Valiante.  Sharon is currently the President Elect for the TPWA’s local chapter, the South East Branch and will become the President in 2009.


Meet the Rio Grande Branch Officers

David Sanchez, Chair; Veronica Castro, Treasurer;  Elvira Alonzo, Secretary;  David Ivory, Co-chair













Past President Award – Mr. Del Essary


As President of TPWA, Del Essary brought humor and his mantra "Just Do Something" to life. Leading TPWA through a busy and successful year, Del kept the Chapter committed to the valuable effort of promoting and enhancing the public works profession. He encouraged and strongly supported the development of the extensive manpower and fundraising efforts required to prepare for the 2007 Congress; he strengthened the technical committee structure to ensure appropriate professional development for all members; and he oversaw the growth and evolution of the Participant Magazine. Del showed us all the benefit of focusing on the possible by "just doing something." TPWA is better because Del chose to share his time, energy and spirit. In presenting this Past President’s plaque, the Chapter expresses deep appreciation for all of Del Essary’s contributions.



Public Works Leader of the Year – Mr. Mike Hobbs


Mr. Mike Hobbs is the Director of Public Works for the City of Sugar Land. Mr. Hobbs has over 27 years of professional experience in the public works field of operations and is truly a man of the people. He goes the extra mile to make certain the citizens of the community are taken care of. Mr. Hobbs has overseen hundreds of infrastructure projects throughout his tenure to include parks and manages what was once a $1 million CIP budget, when he first began with the City of Sugar Land, to a current CIP budget over $30 million. 



John Roark Young Leader Award -Ms. Kristina Ramirez


Ms. Kristina Ramirez is the Secretary/Treasurer of the Central Texas Chapter. She is actively involved in TPWA and recently was asked to speak at the national APWA convention in Kansas City. In addition to her valuable contributions to the Central Texas Branch, Kristina was integral to the success of the TPWA booth at TML and is a significant contributor to the upcoming Congress effort. She performed all of the selfless acts for the benefit of TPWA while achieving her P.E. designation. Kristina approaches all tasks of managing her family, business, and activities related to TPWA with distinction.



Professional Manager of the Year Award Transportation - Ms. Maria D. Valero


Ms. Maria Valero currently serves as the Traffic Operations Division Manager for the seventh largest city in the U.S. She is responsible for the management of not only the Traffic Operations Division but for the Transportation Group’s $7 million budget. Maria has over 9 years of experience with the Department of Public Works and has served as Facilities Manager,

Construction Inspections Manager, and Parking and Operations and Enforcement Manager. She has been successful in implementing action plans to assist with the improvement of operations and is a great asset to the City of San Antonio. San Antonio Director of Public Works Tom Wendorf presented the Manager of the Year Award to Ms. Valero.



Professional Manager of the Year Award Solid Waste - Mr. James Ballowe


Serving as the Solid Waste Manager for the City of New Braunfels, James Ballowe has over 17 years of expertise in the public and private sector of solid waste management.  Mr. Ballowe has designed program enhancements to solid waste management systems to provide significant long-term savings to communities ranging in size from 10,000 residential units to over 85,000.



Professional Manager of the Year Award Public Fleet - Mr. Carl E. Bowker, Jr.


Mr. Carl E. Bowker, Jr. is the Assistant Director of Public Works & Engineering with the City of Houston. Mr. Bowker is directly responsible for the maintenance of fleet for the fourth largest Public works and Engineering Department in the United States. He directs and coordinates the maintenance operation for a mixed fleet valued at over $140 million. Mr. Bowker has instilled a vision in his team of how a governmental fleet can and should operate.



The Bill Hogge Award for Achievement and Excellence in Chapter Service – Ms. Leah Garrett


Ms. Leah Garrett has held a leadership position in the Central Texas Branch for the last five years. Her active and effective dedication has produced meaningful programming for the members of the Central Texas Branch, increased Branch membership, and resulted in an outstanding fundraising effort. Leah was essential in helping the Central Texas branch clear over $8,000 earmarked for public works scholarship funds. All who have attended the two Central Texas Branch Short Courses and the 2005 Annual Conference in Waco have felt the hospitality and contributions of Leah Garrett.



Drahn Jones Award for Excellence in Education - Mr. Peter DiLillo


Mr. Peter DiLillo’s dedication to the advancement of Public Works has lead to an increase in membership involvement at Central Texas Branch quarterly meetings. Peter works to obtain speakers and CEU accreditation for quarterly meetings, and his hard work and dedication to excellence are the reason Public Works events have been a huge success. Peter has provided significant support in statewide education programs by serving as the Short Course Committee Education Chair.



Public Works Project of the Year Disaster or Emergency Construction/Repair Less than $2 million - Emergency Bridge Replacement on Turtle Creek


Agency: City of Missouri Public Works Department

Consultant: Pate Engineers

Contractor: NBG Constructors


When Turtle Creek Drive began to show signs of distress, city staff began working toward a solution. In only 35 days, a contractor was hired to assist with the work needed to make repairs. The Gulf Coast Water Authority Canal was lowered to allow work in the canal while a culvert structure was being built on-site. This project is truly an example of teamwork between the City Council, which authorized the work to be done, the City of Missouri City and Pate Engineers, Inc., the contractor for the project. What is even more remarkable is the time frame in which they were able to complete the project.



Richard Ridings Community Involvement Award - Mr. Eric K. Dargan


Mr. Eric K. Dargan has served as the Deputy Director of the Right-of-Way and Fleet Maintenance Division within the Department of Public Works and Engineering for four and a half years with the City of Houston. Among his many volunteer activities, Eric has launched a City of Houston volunteer effort with Rebuild Houston, an organization that performs rehabilitation service on homes selected in low-income areas owned by senior citizens. He is a passionate person who is always willing to help others grow to their full potential. Mr. Richard Ridings presented his namesake award to Mr. Dargan.



Public Works Project of the Year Transportation $2-10 million - City of Harker Heights Mountain Lion Road Reconstruction


Agency: City of Harker Heights,

Mark Hyde Director of Public Works

Consultant: Bury+Partners-Public Works, Inc.

Contractor: Shallow Ford Construction Company


After determining how road closures would affect the surrounding elementary, junior high school and neighborhood residents, five different phases were established for this project utilizing different traffic control techniques for each phase of the five different street closures. Project meetings were held every month in addition to the daily coordination between the City of Harker Heights, Shallow Ford Construction Company, Bury+Partners and Killeen ISD.



Public Works Project of the Year Environment $2-10 million – City of Killeen East Side Infrastructure


Agency: City of Killeen, John P. Nett City Engineer,

Consultant: The Wallace Group, Inc.

Contractor: McLeon Construction, Ltd.


Like many municipalities, the City of Killeen was faced with completing several large scale CIP water and sanitary sewer projects – a very time-consuming task. To efficiently utilize city staff, consultants, and contractors, these projects were combined into one large project under one contract. The East Side Infrastructure project, traversing through more than 25 tracts of property, consisted of numerous public forums to keep the lines of communication open between the City and the public as needed.



Public Works Project of the Year Transportation more than $10 million - Arapaho Road, Phase III


Agency: Town of Addison,

Nancy Cline Director of Public Works

Consultant: HNTB Corporation – Jerry Holder

Contractor: Archer Western Contractor’s, LTD


The Town of Addison has a reputation for being on the forefront of municipal planning and the Arapaho Road extension was no exception. The primary function of Arapaho road was to provide relief for the heavily traveled Beltline Road, a congested major east-west thoroughfare. With three pocket parks included in this project and connection to a trail system that will eventually connect to an existing Town-wide trail system, this project was viewed by the Town in terms of enhancing the existing urban environment for the community and the many visitors who come to Addison.



Charles Baxter Outstanding Vendor of the Year Award - Lime Association of Texas


Lime sherbet for breakfast? TPWA members can no longer imagine an Annual Conference without it! Thanks to the Lime Association we all know that there is lime in oatmeal and that sherbet is an essential food group.  The Charles Baxter Outstanding Vendor of the Year was named in honor of the longtime Lime Association of Texas leader Charley Baxter. Known as the vendor to count on, TPWA is pleased to present our Lime Association friends Dorothy Warren and Executive Director Larry Peirce with this namesake award.  The award is presented with the deepest appreciation of TPWA.


Mike Rapplean Receives the 2007 TPWA Manager of the Year Award in Water Resources

Mike Rapplean was presented the 2007 TPWA Manager of the Year Award in Water Resources.  The award was presented to Mike by Richard Boston at the Plano City Council Meeting.  Shown in the photos are Mike, Mayor Pat Evans, and Richard Boston.

Mike Rapplean began work as a Street Maintenance Forman with the City of Plano in 1979. In 1993, Mr. Rapplean began serving as the Public Works Operations Manager having responsibility for utility operations, water and sewer pumping, streets, drainage, and traffic signal maintenance. Mike has been very proactive in developing a response to the drought that hit the North Central Texas area in early 2006 and has been a leader in developing responses to unexpected events.



Gordon Smith  honored at the 2007 Texas Public Works Annual Short Course and presented Public Works Professional Certification 


Gordon Smith was honored at the 2007 Texas Public Works Annual Short Course and presented Public Works Professional Certification on behalf of the Texas Chapter of the American Public Works Association.

Mr. Smith joins a select group of Certified Professionals who have shown a commitment to the enhanced professionalism of the Public Works field. A committee of peers reviewed his application and the certification was granted based on Mr. Smith’s extensive and impressive work experience and his dedication to public works professionalism exhibited through commitment to personal development through continuing education. 



2007 Short Course  -  “The Short Course that Delivers”
by Ronnie Bates

The 2007 Short Course Chairman was Ronnie Bates. Education chairs Bobby Balli, and Kent Hickingbottom along with Nancy Beward, and host committee members, Jimmy Foster, Chris Barker, Jeff Ground, Susan Causey, Richard Boston, Jim Amick, all worked diligently to make this year’s short course a success. 

The Annual Early Bird Reception was held at Main Event in a very large room with several large TV screens on every wall, so we could watch the Super Bowl. We had over75 attendees and sponsors eat some great food and enjoy the game. The Scholarship Bowling Tournament had 23 participants this year. The funds raised will go to the Texas Chapter Scholarship Fund.

TPWA Chapter President, Inas Aweidah, and Jimmy Foster, Plano Public Works Director welcomed the crowd of over 400 at the Monday morning breakfast. In line with this year’s theme, keynote speaker, Bill Verkest, APWA National President delivered an uplifting speech about the importance and benefits of membership in APWA. 

A testament to the success of this short course was the attendance at most of the sessions averaged over 100 in each class, and they stayed all the way to the end of the day! At lunch on Monday we were able to present Gordon Smith with the Texas Public Works Association Certification of Professional Public Works Personnel. Congratulation for completing this program Gordon!

This year’s educational highlights included 54 classes, outdoor demonstrations, and a Confined Space Trailer from TEEX. A special thanks Nancy Beward and Bobbi Balli for obtaining the CEU approval and for convincing the speakers and moderators to participate. 

The Texas Chapter APWA sincerely thanks all those who worked to make this year’s short course a success. I believe this short course delivered as promised in the theme. 


Governor Perry signs the 2006 Public Works Week Proclamation

Jason Cosby, Inas Aweidah, Lori Dulnig and Richard Ridings look on as Governor Perry signs the 2006 Public Works Week Proclamation

Meet  the 2006 TPWA Awards Recipients

Marsha Reed, P.E., Texas Chapter APWA Awards Chairman from Lubbock, proudly presents the 2006 Texas Public Works Association Award recipients. The 18 award recipients were honored at the 2006 Texas Annual Public Works Conference and Equipment Show held in Mesquite in June.

Along with the presentation of awards at the Annual Conference Awards Banquet, TPWA Past President Ron Harper, P.E. and TPWA President-Elect Inas Aweidah, P.E., have traveled across the state to present the awards to recipients at their local City Council meetings.  CLICK HERE TO MEET THE 2006 AWARDS RECIPIENTS!


Southeast Texas Branch of the American Public Works Association (APWA) and Houston/Galveston Post of the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) award 2006 Scholarships

July 19, 2006, the Houston/Galveston Post of the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) and the Southeast Texas Branch of the American Public Works Association (APWA) conducted a joint meeting to award their scholarships for 2006. Together the two organizations awarded $ 19,500. The event featured Mike Marcotte, Director of Public Works and Engineering for the City of Houston, Texas. He was joined by Harold Cobb, President of the Houston/Galveston Post of SAME and Naomi Hines, President of the Southeast Texas Branch of APWA in presenting the scholarship awards. SAME scholarship awardees included Phillip Ho, Senior at University of Houston; Justin Homeyer, Senior at Texas A&M University; Daniel House, Senior at Texas &M University; Justin Loomis, Senior at Texas &M University; James Vester, Freshman at Rice University; Matthew Wellspring, Freshman at Steven F. Austin State University; and David Winslow, Junior at Texas &M University. APWA scholarship awardees included Patricia Wine, Junior at Baylor University; Phillip Ho, Senior at University of Houston; Courtney Pedersen, Freshman at Steven F. Austin State University and Melinda Hamidian, Freshman at San Jacinto Junior College.

Pictured above from left to right are Trent Slovak, President-Elect of the Southeast Texas Branch of APWA; Melinda Hamidian; Phillip Ho; Patricia Wine; James Vester; David Winslow; Daniel House; Justin Loomis and Harold Cobb, President of the Houston/Galveston Post of SAME.



Jimmy B. Foster, P.E.
Director of Public Works, City of Plano, Texas
2005 APWA Top Ten Public Works Leader of the Year

As Director of Public Works for the City of Plano, Jimmy B. Foster is responsible for three divisions (Public Works Operations, Environmental Waste Services, and Equipment Services) comprised of over 300 employees and having combined budgets totaling in excess of $70 million annually. During Foster’s tenure, the City has adopted business plans for the Environmental Waste Services Division and the Equipment Services Division.

Having received numerous awards, the Solid Waste Division is an industry leader in the United States. The Public Works Operations Division has developed a comprehensive water conservation program that has developed a solid foundation of strong contacts, positive public image, and excellent education that has seen a gradual decline in the per capita usage of water in the City.

Foster has lived in, worked in, or visited 57 countries, assisting in the development of humanitarian projects designed to improve the people’s quality of life and to provide hope for a better future. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington and a Master of Arts degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is a licensed professional engineer in the States of Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Virginia. Foster is currently serving as the Texas Delegate to the House of Delegates, and is the past chair of the APWA International Affairs Committee. He is currently a member of the APWA Finance Committee and the Australia/New Zealand Task Force. He is also involved in providing training and instruction in the public works field and is active in several professional associations and his church.



Public Works Leaders of the Year

This award seeks to inspire excellence and dedication in public service by recognizing the outstanding career service achievements of individual public works professionals and officials. This year the Texas Chapter named three top leaders.

Matthew A. Singleton
Public Works Director, City of Grapevine

Matt started his public works career in the City of Baytown. While working in the Parks Department, after graduation from Stephen F. Austin, he was drafted by Public Works to head up debris removal operations after Hurricane Alicia in 1983. He stayed on and was named Assistant Director. During this period, he was active in the Southeast Branch, serving as president in 1985. He was hired by the City of Grapevine in 1987, and served as Assistant Director of Public Works until his recent promotion to Director of Public Works this year. During this period he became active in the Chapter, serving in various chairs and offices, including Chapter President. He continues to serve the Chapter as Audit Committee chairman, and also serves on several state and national committees. Matt exemplifies the Public Works Professional.

Sharon Valiante
Operational Project Manager, City of Missouri City

Sharon is the person that keeps the city up and running every day. She is the point of contact for all citizen requests for service. Over the years she has fostered and maintains an outstanding report with homeowners associations, individual citizens and the many agencies with whom she must work with to correct the problems that have been identified. Her customer service skills and negotiating abilities are without peer. She continually receives accolades from the many homeowners associations that she works with. Her technical knowledge is also outstanding. She is an extremely fast learner and enjoys the challenge of new technology, processes and practices. She is an extremely valuable asset to Missouri City and I have rarely run across anyone of the caliber of Sharon and the impact she makes on this City and the Public Works profession.

T. C. Webster
Director of Field Operations, Tarrant County

Mr. T. C. Webster has been an aspiration to the public works profession for over 30 years as a consultant, then City of Fort Worth, and presently with Tarrant County Public Works Department. His nomination is a highlight of Mr. Webster’s accomplishments, accolades, and community involvement. One of Mr. Webster’s accomplishments was his invention of the Hydraulic Above Cab Steering Truck used as one of the many fleet vehicles for City of Forth Worth, TX. He designed this truck by adjusting the motor’s instruments and used an exiting bucket waste loader. Inventing this apparatus eliminated five brush trucks from the City’s fleet. At the County Public Works Department, he is known as Mr. Efficient by his efforts to save Tarrant County operational monies! Mr. T. C. Webster is an Ordained Minister at Sagamore Hills Baptist Church, and holds a Doctorate’s Degree in Theology from Trinity Valley Baptist Seminary. He is married to Darlene Moore Webster for over 40 years and has a son Torian, a UTA graduate.

Naomi Hines - City of Houston    APWA Top Recruiter Honorable Mention  ’05 Drive to Twenty-Seven Five

Naomi Hines was named APWA Top Recruiter Honorable Mention, at the 2005 APWA International Public Works Congress and Exposition! Because of the efforts of Naomi along with Membership Chairmen Jason Cosby and Jerry Ortega, the Texas Chapter was named the one APWA Chapter (with membership over 850) to surpass membership recruitment goals. As a result of the 2005 membership drive, APWA has reached the 27,000 member mark. The 27,044-membership represents the highest level of membership in over 10 years. 

Nancy Beward:  Winner of the 2005 TPWA Drahn Jones Award for Excellence in Education

Ms. Nancy Beward, City of San Antonio, has won the 2005 Drahn Jones Award for Excellence in Education. Ms. Beward exhibited extraordinary leadership and devoted numerous hours planning and facilitating the work of the Technical Committee chairs in developing the program content of the 2005 TPWA Short Course held in Plano, Texas in February 2005. Her persistence and efforts in mobilizing these resources from all over the State helped make this Short Course the most successful one to date.

There were sixty-six (66) presentation slots to be filled, and they were all filled with quality speakers who were well-prepared and zealous about their areas of expertise. Nancy effectively mobilized the efforts of her team and encouraged the considerable efforts of the committee chairs. 

Ronnie Bates:  Winner of the 2005 TPWA Bill Hogge Award for Outstanding Chapter Achievement

Mr. Ronnie Bates, Street Services Manager, City of Grand Prairie, has won the Bill Hogge Award for Outstanding Chapter Achievement. Mr. Bates exhibited extraordinary leadership and devoted numerous hours planning and facilitating the details and logistics of the 2005 TPWA Short Course held in Plano, Texas in February 2005. Without his focus and proactive attitude, this Short Course would not have been the most successful one to date.

They say if no one is following, you are not a leader. Ronnie Bates’ leadership of the Short Course was real--not just positional. Ronnie knows the value of team and maximized the contributions of the hard working committee members and as a result, the team moved forward together. He delegated tasks to the team members and kept in contact with them all. He did not direct—he supported. He expressed encouragement, trust, and confidence in all committee members and allowed them to do their jobs. He was simultaneously the leader and subordinate. No task was too big or too small. He worked endlessly on the details - keeping tract of all. He held regularly scheduled effective planning meetings with a master plan that all could easily follow. He let everyone know what their task would be and then got out of the way so they could do their job. He never asked someone to do something he would not do.

Because of his commitment, much of the work took place after work hours, with many emails sent after 7 p.m. Because his family is very important to him, he included his family in the Short Course. His wife manned the registration table and his two sons were available to help with Short Course set up.

North Texas Tollway Authority Maintenance Facility 2005 Project of the Year, Structures Category: $2-10 Million

The NTTA Maintenance Facility project was selected as Texas Public Works Association’s (TPWA's) 2005 Project of the Year in the structures category of $2-10 million level. The theme of the award-winning nomination was “Blending into the Community”. The nomination emphasized the extra efforts the NTTA enlisted during the design process to construct a functional maintenance facility that complemented the surrounding community. The primary consultant for the design was Corgan Associates, Inc. and the general contractor was Ratcliff Constructors. 

NTTA Dallas North Tollway Safety Enhancements - 2005 Project of the Year, Transportation Category: $2-10 Million

The NTTA Dallas North Tollway Safety Enhancements project was selected as TPWA's 2005 Project of the Year in the transportation category of $2-10 million level. The award winning nomination focused on how NTTA studied, identified, developed, prioritized and constructed improvements to increase the safety of the Authority's oldest and most heavily traveled roadway, the Dallas North Tollway. Areas of particular interest included the placement of crash attenuators and safety improvements with respect to fixed objects at exit ramps, installation of roadway safety barrier systems, and signing and striping improvements for better visibility. The primary consultant for the design was the team of Walter P. Moore and the general contractor was Gibson & Associates.

NTTA Dallas North Tollway/SH 121 Interchange - 2005 Project of the Year, Transportation Category: Over $10 Million

The NTTA Dallas North Tollway / SH 121 Interchange project was selected as TPWA's 2005 Project of the Year in the transportation category of projects over $10 million. The award winning nomination focused on how the NTTA incorporated innovative construction techniques, an aggressive traffic control plan and many environmentally sensitive features into the project. Additionally, the nomination emphasized the partnership between NTTA and TxDOT for funding the project which was the first partnership of its kind in the region. The design efforts were provided by two primary consultants; Turner Collie & Braden prepared designs for the DNT portion of the interchange and Birkhoff, Hendricks & Conway, LLP prepared designs for the SH 121 portion of the project. The prime contractor for the project was Balfour Beatty.

City of Lake Jackson - Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion
2005 Project of the Year, Environment Category: Over $10 Million

The Lake Jackson Wastewater project stands as an example of excellence in providing residents with a better quality effluent while simultaneously saving the city money. The original budget estimate for the expansion project was approximately $13.5 million. The fact that the actual cost was $12.2 million is even more impressive given that the new facility exceeds the requirements of the City of Lake Jackson’s wastewater permit.

Associated General Contractors of Texas,
Highway, Heavy, Utilities & Industrial Branch, Austin, Texas
Charles Baxter Outstanding Vendor of the Year Award

AGC has worked diligently to provide coalition-building opportunities for public works professionals and contractors. The TPWA President has had the opportunity to sit down at the table and speak with the AGC membership; TPWA members are invited to attend AGC monthly luncheons; all TPWA educational events are publicized by AGC (the result being thousands of dollars of sponsorships that come from AGC members.) Additionally, AGC of Texas offers to host a Board meeting annually at the AGC Trade and Equipment Show. And, year after year, AGC steps up to the plate to underwrite the Exhibitors Breakfast held annually at the TPWA Conference and Equipment Show. AGC is more than deserving of the voiced appreciation of the Texas Chapter APWA.

Marsha Reed
Storm Water Engineer, City of Lubbock
Recipient of Past President’ Plaque

In recognition of years of service, Marsha Reed, P. E., Storm Water Engineer, City of Lubbock, was honored by the Texas Chapter membership. In particular, Marsha’s service as 2004 TPWA President was acknowledged.

APWA awards 30th accreditation to Texas public works agency

Kansas City, Mo. – The Public Works and Engineering Departments of the City of Plano, Texas, became the 30th public works agency in the United States and Canada accredited by the American Public Works Association (APWA). A formal award presentation will be made by APWA President-elect Bill Verkest during the Feb. 13 City Council meeting.

“This was a team effort, and that became even more evident during the three days of evaluation by APWA,” said Jimmy Foster, City of Plano Director of Public Works. “We have always believed that our operations were exceptional. It’s nice to have our performance, practices and planning affirmed by such an important national entity. It also serves to assure the citizens of Plano that they are receiving the excellent service they deserve. This is, however, only a benchmark. We will continue to improve.”

The Plano Public Works and Engineering Departments began the accreditation process March 5, 2005. A team of public works professionals from California, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon completed a thorough evaluation of operations during their December 2005 site visit.

The APWA accreditation program recognizes public works agencies that go beyond the requirements of the management practices established nationally in the public works industry. On a daily basis, accredited agencies meet or exceed standards of performance in areas such as water, solid waste management, street/sewer repair and maintenance, engineering, building maintenance and vehicle maintenance.

“It’s exciting to complete such a detailed review of an agency’s policies and procedures and then recommend them for accreditation,” said Ann Daniels, APWA accreditation director. “The City of Plano Public Works and Engineering Departments are to be commended for improving operations to enhance their internal performance and assuring their community they meet or exceed national standards.”

The American Public Works Association
www.apwa.net is a not-for-profit, international organization of more than 27,000 members involved in the field of public works. APWA serves its members by promoting professional excellence and public awareness through education, advocacy and the exchange of knowledge. APWA is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, with an office in Washington D.C.

Fort Worth engineering professional elected APWA President-Elect 2005-06

Washington D.C.—William A. Verkest, P.E., Municipal Program Manager, HDR Engineering, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas, is the new President-Elect of the American Public Works Association (APWA). Elected by the association’s 27,000 members to this leadership position on the board of directors, Verkest will succeed Bob Freudenthal as President of the association in 2005-06.

A member of APWA for 37 years, Verkest has a multifaceted combination of service in the broad public works field, including civil engineering and management in the U.S. Air Force, public works agencies and the private sector. 
Verkest served his local APWA Texas Chapter as chapter delegate and later as president of the North Central Texas Branch. At the national level he has served as director of Region VII, chair of the Finance Committee/APWA treasurer and finance committee member and chair of the membership committee. He has also been a member of the Congress Planning Committee, Urban Forum and Public Works Historical Society. Verkest recently completed his second term as Director of Region VII.

For more information, please contact Becky Wickstrom, (202) 218-6736 or

Albuquerque engineering professional elected to APWA Board of Directors

Washington, D.C.—R. LeRoy Givens, P.E., Vice President & Senior Project Manager, Bohannan Huston, Inc., Albuquerque, NM, will join the American Public Works Association (APWA) 17-member Board of Directors. Givens will serve as Director of Region VII, encompassing New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and Oklahoma.

For the past 42 years Givens has been regularly involved in the designs and construction administration for more than $1 billion in public works projects, including streets, major highways, wastewater collection, interceptors and treatment facilities, water distribution and major water transmission facilities. He is a registered professional engineer in 12 states, including the states he will represent in APWA’s Region VII.

As a member of the association’s New Mexico Chapter, Givens was appointed membership chairman in 1985 and proceeded through the leadership positions of the chapter including chapter delegate from 1998-2002. At the national level he has been a member and recently chair of the Public Works Projects of the Year Committee. He has served as a proctor on behalf of APWA for the region and state MathCOUNTS competitions since 1999.

For more information, please contact Becky Wickstrom, (202) 218-6736 or

Technical Innovation Award and Management Innovation Award

The Technical Innovation Award and the Management Innovation Award recognizes an individual, team, or organization for the development, management and implementation of a creative idea, device, process, or system that enhances the goals of public works in serving the public and protecting the environment.

Management Innovation Award

Jim Pierce, P.E.

Assistant Director of Public Works
Town of Addison, Texas

Jerry Holder, P.E.

Director of Capital Projects
HNTB Engineering
Plano, Texas

Jim Pierce and Jerry Holder have jointly developed a bidding technique that has proven to be highly successful in Texas. Known as “A+B Bidding,” this incentive/disincentive bidding technique requires the contractor to identify the number of days to complete a project and then assigns a value to those days, which will be used in determining the lowest and best bid. The assignment of monetary value to the number of days is the innovative portion of this technical process. This innovation has minimized the frustration felt by citizens and staff and has resulted in the more timely completion of projects.

The vast majority of public works construction projects are currently bid using the conventional low-bid technique based on unit prices or lump sum. This is the “A” part of A+B Bidding. The “B” part is the time component. Prior to bidding a project with the A+B technique, the Owner determines the value of each day bid on the project. This daily value information is included in the bid proposal for all Contractors. A mandatory pre-bid meeting is held to make sure that all bidders understand the A+B Bidding process and all questions are answered. The Contractors are informed that a Critical Path Method schedule will be required by the successful bidder at the time of the preconstruction meeting.

The Management Innovation Award went to Jim Pierce, P.E., Assistant Director of Public Works, Town of Addison, Texas, and Jerry Holder, P.E., Director of Capital Projects, HNTB Engineering, Plano, Texas, who jointly developed a bidding technique that has proven to be highly successful in Texas known as “A+B Bidding.” Jerry Holder accepted the award from President Bob Freudenthal.

Professional Manager of the Year Award – Water Resources

The purpose of the Professional Manager of the Year Award in the Water Resources category is to recognize outstanding accomplishments or achievements by individuals providing management in the field of water resources and whose contributions have had a positive impact on the profession of public works.

James M. Parks, P.E.
Executive Director
North Texas Municipal Water District
Wylie, Texas

James M. Parks is the Executive Director of the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD), which provides municipal services to over 1.3 million citizens in four counties and is currently planning to meet the needs of 2.8 million people by 2050. Parks is directly responsible to the Board of Directors for the day-to-day operation of the NTMWD, including the supervision of 380 employees. The NTMWD operates the single largest water treatment plant in Texas (770 mgd), 21 wastewater treatment plants (ranging in size from 60,000 gpd to 48 mgd), 3 solid waste transfer stations, and a 60 megaton, Type 1, municipal solid waste landfill.

Meeting with the customer cities of the NTMWD, Parks guided the process of designing two documents which are in the process of being adopted by the customer cities: “Model Drought Contingency Plan for North Texas Municipal Water District Member Cities and Customers” and “Model Water Conservation Plan for North Texas Municipal Water District Member Cities and Customers.” Parks is also serving on the State’s Water Conservation Implementation Task Force, which has developed best management practices for cities, businesses, and industry throughout the State.

The Professional Manager of the Year Award, Water Resources, went to James M. Parks, P.E., Executive Director, North Texas Municipal Water District,  Wylie, Texas  . Parks accepted the award from President Bob Freudenthal.


Donald C. Stone Award for Excellence in Education – Chapter

The Donald C. Stone Award (established in honor of Donald C. Stone, founder of APWA) recognizes the outstanding and meritorious achievement of individuals assisting in the areas of continuing and graduate professional education for public works professionals. This award, established in 1988, is also intended to recognize APWA chapters for their work in delivering educational opportunities for all levels of persons engaged in the delivery of public works services.

Texas Chapter

The Texas Chapter has long been known for its efforts in offering educational opportunities to its members. The Public Works Short Course provides up-to-date, effective training for the operational level public works employee in five areas including solid waste, transportation, engineering, utilities, and fleet/facilities. The training is generally held in February of each year and is moved around the State to allow for attendance by those who might not otherwise get to travel for this type of unique training opportunity.

The Texas Public Works Annual Conference, held each year in early June, is geared towards more senior level staff such as city engineers, seasoned public works directors and other senior staff. The conference provides an excellent training opportunity as well as the opportunity for participants to learn from their colleagues, both in class and out. Continual Education Units are given for all technical sessions which enhance the attendance and the scope of the sessions taught at the conference. The conference is also the one big fundraiser for the chapter. 

The Donald C. Stone Award (Chapter) went to theTexas Chapter. Ron Harper, President, and Marsha Reed, Past President, accepted the award from President Bob Freudenthal.

Texas Chapter – PACE Award

Each year, the Texas Chapter is actively involved in large training programs that are designed to reach hundreds of public works employees by presenting a wide variety of professional topics. The Southeast, South Central, South Plains, Central Texas, Rio Grande Valley and North Central Texas Branches conduct extensive training programs by providing expert speakers, tours of facilities and downloading of teleconferences from APWA as part of their regularly-scheduled meetings. In 2004, the Rio Grande Valley Branch hosted a two-day Mini-Conference to provide educational programming. The Texas Chapter coordinated and delivered the two-day Texas Annual Short Course, and the Annual Conference provided three days of educational programming.

The Texas Chapter, represented by Ron Harper, President, and Marsha Reed, Past President, received the 2005 PACE Award.

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