The lands of Texas are rich in history and cultural influence from the past. With monumental landmarks spread across the state, you can plan a visit in some of the most historic locations to relive the past with your eyes.

Here are a few must-visit locations on your next trip to Texas:

  • The Alamo – famous for the battle of Alamo, the Alamo is one of the five historic San Antonio missions located in the southern part of Texas. Denoting the perfect mixture of European and medieval architecture, the site is famous as the war memorial of 1836 which led to the death of numerous settlers in the region.
  • Texas State Capitol – located in Austin, the Texas state capitol is a symbol of how Texas grew to be the modern city that it is today. Built in a renaissance construction style, the place looks charming between the Spanish-Colonial vibes set across the city. From historical figures to haunting legends of the capitol, the place has something for every traveler.
  • Galveston East End Historical District – a part of the Galveston city bustling with restored historic mansions and towers, gigantic palm trees, and magnificent Spanish colonial churches, this district brings out the character of the city. Enjoy the classic architecture of the city by visiting places such as Bishop’s Palace and Moody Mansion.
  • San Jacinto Battle Monument – a historical location which marked the moment when Sam Houston’s troops overpowered the Mexican forces to gain independence for a brief period. The massive monument holds a special place in Texan history.
  • Dealey Plaza – located in Dallas, this place is famous for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Now, it houses a special museum dedicated to the late President.
  • NASA Space Center Houston – home to the space flight that brought the first ever human journey to the moon, Apollo 11, the space center in Houston houses tons of educational and interactive content for those who want to know more about space.