How to Clean your Texas Apartment Efficiently

To some people, house cleaning is one of the least favorite house chores. They would rather hire cleaning service provider to deal with the mess. Others enjoy it as it takes their mind off some life struggles. They can spend a whole weekend just cleaning, especially when the Texas sun is scorching hot.

For those who don’t like cleaning since it seems like a lot of work, there are a few basic tricks available that can ease the job for you. These are simple tips that can help you create a tidy home with minimal effort and taking up a few minutes off your busy schedule.

Below are the tips that can help you clean your Texas apartment with minimal effort.

Collect Your Cleaning Supplies

The first thing you should do before you begin cleaning is to collect all of your house cleaning supplies and put them in one bucket. Different surfaces of an apartment might require a different cleaning product. However, since you are looking at using minimal effort, you should find a multi-purpose, multi-surface house cleaning supply such as a multi-purpose cleaning spray.

In the supplies bucket, you should have at least several paper towels, cleaning sprays, sponges, garbage bag, duster, and a Swiffer. If you have a portable vacuum, you can carry it along, but if you have the big vacuum cleaners, you can place in a strategic position to minimize your movement.

Living Room

Collect all the items that don’t belong in the living room and put them in a container and return them in their respective places later on. Dust and brush off the couch and fluff the cushions and pillows. Next, clean all the surfaces in the living room such as the coffee tables, TV stands, and bookshelves. Arrange the items on these surfaces and finally vacuum through the living room.


You should begin by collecting all the dirty laundry lying around and put them in a hamper. Do not sort them; save that for laundry time. Next, collect things that don’t belong in the bedroom and put them in a container. Collect the trash and bag them in the garbage bag.

Clean the surfaces such as your desks, nightstands, and shelves, then arrange your closet. Spread your bed and vacuum the bedroom. The bedroom should look neat by then, and it will only take you between ten to fifteen minutes depending on its size.


Like the other rooms in the apartment, collect items that belong to the kitchen and place them in a container. Tidy the countertops and cupboards and bag all the trash. Do the dishes and clean all the surfaces including the sink and kitchen appliances. You can then sweep, vacuum, or mop the kitchen the floor afterward.

Now, you can return the items you collected in other rooms and place them in their rightful positions. Next, take out the trash and light a scented candle or air freshener to make the apartment smell nice.

If you follow these tips, it should take you about 45 minutes to clean your whole Texas apartment.

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