Top Texas Based Bloggers You Must Follow

In this age of technology, information has never been more accessible. The internet has been an enormous help to people who seek various information on a wide range of topics. Aside from official websites, bloggers have been active to help readers acquire information about different topics.

It’s not easy, though. It asks much of their time to do one blog as they need to have first-hand experience of what they’re blogging about. They also have to make sure that they use a reliable web hosting service to keep their site online at all times.

That said, if you’re from Texas, then these Texas-based bloggers might be worth following:

Nicole Seligman

Nicole Seligman is both a podcaster and blogger. In her blog “Writes Like a Girl”, you can find plenty of advice about sisterhood and self-love. The impact she makes on people from writing about these topics makes her one of the best bloggers in Austin. It’s also a great help that she is the executive editor of Junebugs Weddings, much to the delight of brides-to-be.

Camilla Styles

Camilla Styles has her own team to cover different topics as she is one of the most well-known bloggers in Austin. In her blog, she writes about the style trends and beauty in Austin. What’s also unique about her blog is that she writes about DIY wreath-making. Therefore, for those of you who have special love with wreath-making, this is good news. She does this with the help of Bricolage Curated Florals, a local florist.

Courtney Kerr

It’s not a question why Courtney Kerr is very popular. She always makes it to every list of top bloggers in Texas because of her being a former reality star, a YouTube royalty, and of course, a great and reliable blogger. She doesn’t only focus on fashion despite her great insights in it. She also writes about travel tips. Her travel tips combined with her fashion sense make her just one of the best.

Valery Brennan

Valery Brennan gets her inspiration from idols in the ’90s like David Bowie. Along with her great fashion sense, she is also about self-discovery. Her photos and blog are so incredible that rookie bloggers should check out her blog for inspirations.

Alice Kerley

You can say that Alice Kerley covers a lot in her blog, “Lone Star Looking Glass”. From fashion tips to Texas travel adventures, you can find it all in there. She also has this special feature – you can shop for your favorite look from her via her Instagram page.

Mars Saunders

If you’re interested in home decors and lifestyle tips as much as you are into style and beauty tips, be sure to check out “Simply Mars”. All the topics you might be looking for are there in this mom’s blog.

Some of the other blogs you might want to check out include:

  • Champagne Taste Beer Budget by Christina Coker
  • The sTORIbook – Tori Johnson


For whatever you want to learn, these top Texas-based blogger can surely help you. Meanwhile, if you need some inspiration to start a blog, simply check out their individual blogs.

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