How to Start a Cleaning Business in Texas

Are you planning to start a mold testing business in Houston? If yes, then this article is for you. Starting a cleaning business is not just about killing mold and other dirt particles, but it also involves a number of legal considerations before it can get rolling. For one, business owners must choose first their business entity and secure the proper permit or licenses.

Other factors such as insurance, health and safety, dealing with employees, and creating policy statements and contracts must also be considered by the business owner. Below are the full details of how to start a cleaning business in Texas.

Business Entity

In the state of Texas, the best way is to choose between a corporation and limit liability company as your business entity. These two are the best legal forms that protect all business owners from personal liability instead of the usual partnership or sole proprietorship. As it is, the cleaning business will be relying on a number of employees and will be operating in homes, offices, and other public properties. This means that accidents and damages to a property might happen during the operation, and you want the business to be held liable and not yourself.

Permits and Licenses

The state of Texas does not require a general business license or permit in a business. However, it is best for you to check with the local government of the city or county the specific permit requirements for your cleaning business. Getting a Federal Tax ID number is also advisable even if you are operating as a sole proprietor.


When running a cleaning business, the risks involved in the operation and on the business as a whole may need you to get insurance for protection. Try to look for an insurance agent that has experience in drafting insurance policies for cleaning companies. The policy must have excellent general liability coverage for any damage or destruction to a customer’s property. For your own business property, make sure that the policy covers all the important things and property inside your cleaning business.

Health and Safety

Your cleaning company must follow the rules and regulations of the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Following the rules will protect all your employees from the danger and accidents that might happen during the operational hours of your business. Details of the federal health and safety rules, specifically on the cleaning industry, can be checked at the official OSHA website.


As a business owner, acquainting yourself from the basic employment law can go a long way in dealing with your employees. The law provides protection of all employees from illegal discrimination, the workers’ compensation, and the hiring process of your business. Keep in mind all the labor laws that might be relevant to your cleaning business such as basic minimum salary, work documentation, and child labor.

The list above is your guide on how to start your cleaning business in the state of Texas. The tips will definitely help you before and during the operation of your cleaning business.

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