Top Mobile-Friendly U.S. Cities

Smartphones have one of the most advanced technologies developed and used by humans daily. They bridge people together by allowing communication via online chat, texts, and calls. They make information accessible within the touch of a few buttons.

Mobile plans in Norway are readily available at any preferred telecommunications company, but the location also has a factor in your mobile phone experience. In this article, you will find out which of the cities in the United States are mobile-friendly based on some factors.

Some factors to consider are carrier performance, city wireless efforts, tech support, and customer service. The performance was measured through upload and download speeds in Mbps or megabits per second of carrier networks.

Here are some of the top mobile-friendly cities in the United States:

Atlanta, Georgia

It was seen that Atlanta has one of the best metrics. Its upload and download speeds were 8.35 Mbps and 13.12 Mbps , respectively. It was accessible to users because it had 8.4 mobile phone stores per 10,000 residents and had a low 15.68% tax for wireless consumers.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago has a fast upload speed of 8.11 Mbps and download speed of 11.99 Mbps, making it second to Atlanta’s. The city has Wireless Internet Zones, also known as WIZ, which are free Wi-Fi spots located around the city including their public library and the Cultural Center. The downside is that it has less accessibility of mobile phone stores to users and has higher taxes for wireless consumers.

Houston, Texas

Houston may not be at par with Atlanta and Chicago with its 6.67 Mbps upload speed and 9.49 Mbps, but it has an above average rate of 4.71 stores per 10,000 residents in ratio. This city stands out from the rest with the residence’s ability to use city services using their smartphone such as applying for jobs related to the city, reporting problems in the streets and roadways, and paying for your parking ticket.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco scores a place among the top cities with a high ratio of 6.02 stores to residences. Its upload and download speeds are somewhat on the lower spectrum of the list with 5.78 Mbps for uploading and 9.54 Mbps for downloading. It also has free Wi-Fi hotspots in over 20 public locations scattered across the city.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Its store ratio of 2.77 to 10,000 residences may be considered low, but Virginia Beach compensates for its coverage and its low tax rate of 13.07% for wireless consumers. The website of the city has been redesigned to make it accessible and more functional for its users.

If ever you see your city included in this list, you are one lucky mobile phone user. You may also take these factors into consideration if living in a mobile-friendly city is required for your job or lifestyle. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see your city on this list as this is only a rough list. Nevertheless, take advantage of these cities’ perks when you visit them.

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